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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whimsical Jewelry Tops Trends at JA NY

Butterfly themes, as seen in this pendant by Rhonda Faber Green, were a top trend at the recent JA New York Winter Show.

By Mary Wisniewski
Published Courtesy of NJN

New York—Spring was in the air at the JA New York Winter Show, with whimsical designs topping the trends, along with nature-inspired pieces and romantic themes.

From leaf motifs to subtle butterflies and bold serpents, designs capturing flora and fauna popped up at a plethora of designers' booths. Flower-themed jewelry bloomed throughout the show too.

Romantic flourishes such as bows, hearts, stars and wings were also in full force. A standout pair of hoops was shown at Julez Bryant's booth, with a moon on one earring and a shooting star on the other.

Many designers chose to use dream catchers in their patterns too, with John Christopher and J. Han leading the way.

"Dreamcatcher" pendant by John Christopher.

Gold designs showed a lot of openwork to accommodate a lower price point, while oxidized silver, a more affordable metal, proved its move into the mainstream.

Other top trends included swirly circle earrings, cocktail rings, big hoops, gemstone clusters and bold, eccentric necklaces.

The JA New York Winter Show was held from March 9-11 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.


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