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Friday, September 26, 2008

Lori Bonn Clear Conscience Chrysalis

Chrysalis. Even the biggest changes start with one small step.

They say a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas. We can’t predict the weather, but we do believe our small actions could make a big, industry-wide difference. That’s why Jewelry Crossings is proud to carry the Lori Bonn Chrysalis line – a handmade, limited-edition collection that combines verified socially and environmentally responsible gemstones with partially recycled metals and ethical manufacturing practices.

Working individually and as part of an industry wide movement, Lori Bonn Design is taking active measures to make its jewelry as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.

Lori Bonn Design’s Clear Conscience Jewelry project is being developed in partnership with the Madison Dialogue, an industry group comprised of mining, manufacturing, design and retail companies that are working to set the standard for ethical jewelry. Representatives from Lori Bonn Design sit on the committees responsible for drafting these standards.

Lori Bonn Design’s ultimate goal is to create exquisite, signature pieces that tread lightly on the planet while respecting every person along the supply chain – jewelry you can wear with a clear conscience. By carrying this new line at Jewelry Crossings, we hope to contribute to this important effort.

Ethical Manufacturing

Lori Bonn’s Clear Conscience jewelry is manufactured in a healthy environment free of abuse and discrimination. Employees receive a living wage and benefits such as health care, life insurance, paid time off and pension contributions, as well as prenatal care and maternity leave. Managers – at least half of whom are women – are promoted from within. And our production methods preserve ancient craft traditions that are integral to local cultures.

Ethical Metals

At least 50% post-industrial recycled silver is used in this line and Lori Bonn Design is actively working to develop a local source for 100% recycled silver.

Ethical Stones

Though it is challenging to trace the origin of any stone, all gems in the Chrysalis collection have been closely tracked, documented and handled in a verifiably ethical and socially responsible manner from the mine to the marketplace. The strict standards adhered to during all stages of processing include safeguarding and protecting the environment during mining and cutting, as well as maintaining fair labor practices and high health and safety standards at all times.

The Fair Trade Goal

As independent verification of responsible production methods, Certified Fair Trade standards have the greatest potential to improve mining and manufacturing conditions. No Certified Fair Trade standards currently exist for the jewelry industry, but Lori Bonn Design is partnering with its colleagues to establish one for gold and diamonds.

To view Lori Bonn’s Clear Conscience jewelry, Chrysalis, available from Jewelry Crossings, please click here.


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