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Monday, March 24, 2008

What’s hot and what’s not in jewelry for 2008

An article from let's talk Fashion

What’s hot and what’s not in jewelry for 2008 :
So 2008 is here. A new year with new hopes, new beginnings, and of course, new trends. Although, fashions change at the blink of an eye but every year brings with it a trend that influences the fashion moods for the entire year. Read on if you are not only conscious but also subconscious about fashion and there is no chance that you want to be left behind walking the ramp after the red carpet is rolled off. Let’s talk about the upcoming trends in the jewelry industry.
Jewelry Trends for 2008:
So as they say it, old is gold. Classic designs in gemstone jewelry will be the hot trend for spring and summer of 2008. And the hot favorite color will be blue. Blue gemstones like sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine and blue sapphire will be very popular for jewelry. And followed by blue, purple and green will be in demand. And the gemstones that will be popular are amethyst, peridot, green garnet and of course, the gem of gems – emerald. Gemstones like blue jade, moonstones, sapphires, lapis lazuli, blue opals etc. will also be in vogue. If you talk of gemstones, bead strands and bead necklaces will the charm of the season. And if you are looking at complementing your gemstone pendant or gemstone earrings with other gems for added color, you can choose from citrine, yellow topaz, amber, and color diamonds.

If you want something less expensive, look for sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is an alluring substitute to white gold. The cool hues of sterling silver when combined with the warmth of colorful gems, an enchanting look is created. You can combine the icy brilliance of white sapphire or white topaz for a diamond like feel. You can create the rich and elegant look of diamonds for a fraction of the amount spend.
Come fall, black will return with its mystery and magic. Black onyx, black diamonds, and classic black pearls will be the look of the season. As for the designs, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in layers will dominate the ramp. And the common trend of the season, the antique look will be the poplar trend. Pear shaped gemstones in all sizes and colors will be in craze.
Brides Jewelry: Traditional heart pendant with the platinum and diamond heart necklaces will be in vogue. Despite the fact that metal colors are always a popular fashion for brides, cool tones of platinum would also make a charming appearance.


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